Welcome to our Sub branch website.


Did you know ??

Sunbury is the only RSL within the Hume Municipality ?

Our sub branch has established strong and on-going relationships with our local schools and community organisations who provide wonderful assistance with our annual program of activites and community ceremonies.

Sunbury familes provide amazing support to the local RSL sub-branch  in its activities to support our veterans and families.



The Sub Branch welcomes enquiries regarding membership and/or transfers from other RSL branches. Please contact the Secretary, Harry Beckwith for more information.

General Meetings

The general meeting of the Sub Branch is held on the second Monday of each month. Meetings commence at 7:30pm. The AGM is held in February each year.

Social Gatherings

The Sub Branch has a social gathering on Wednesdays each week and also has a  social dinner evening.  Refer to the events calendar for further details.

The Branch also publishes a newletter "Dispatches Newsletter" monthly covering events, activities and general member information - copies are available for download via this website.